Traditionally Banjaras have been bullock tranport carriers of goods. Originating from Rajasthan they lived nomadic lives and spread all over India and the Indian sub-continent over the centuries.  With the advent of Railways and other types of tranport their source of livelihood has vanished and they have been forced to settle in urban cities like Hyderabad where men are now mostly doing manual labour and women are selling their embriodered items.

The most distinctive part of Banjaras is their colorful clothing, jewelry and embroidery all of which reflect their nomadic lives.  The embriodery mainly consist of of simple running stitch or cross stitch over mirrors, shells, beads and metal ornaments. The motifs are inspired from the nature and finished product is always colorful and striking.

Production places : Hyderabad, Yellama Tanda, Sanjeevareaddy Nagar, Shankar Nandinagar ( in Ranga Reddy District)

Products: Batwa - purses, Khalchi - pouches, Phetia - skirt, Khanchali - blouse ( Traditional products)
Appliqued toran - hanging for doorways, Bags and purses

Tools: Needle and thread, Sewing Machine